Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New partner arborweb.com is now live

Renters can now search Ann Arbor apartments at arborweb.com arborweb.com recently went live with their new RentLinx apartment search. All properties that are in the Ann Arbor postal area or are served by Ann Arbor Public Schools may list for free. Ann Arbor's home on the web arborweb.com is the website of the popular magazine, the Ann Arbor Observer. In addition to searching for an apartment, arborweb.com provides tons of other Ann Arbor information, such as events, restaurants, night life, etc. Breaking the barrier of Internet media For the first time, RentLinx listings will be available in a media other than the Internet. The Ann Arbor Observer's annual City Guide will print all Ann Arbor properties with at least 20 units. The list will be populated from the ArborWeb/RentLinx apartment listing, then edited by the Ann Arbor Observer's staff. Special thanks to John Hilton and Valerie Mates John Hilton is the Editor of the Ann Arbor Observer and he went above and beyond to make this project a success. I was incredibly impressed by his vision for a free exchange of information and his ability to give put so much time and effort into what must be only a tiny slice of his duties at the Observer. I don't know many "newspaper men" but I have to imagine that John is in a league of his own. Thank you John! Valerie is arborweb.com's webmaster who did a great job putting up with all the back-and-forth that occurred while we straightened out all of the details. Valerie is THE Unix Mama. Thank you Valerie!


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