Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Rent Ranges, No More Unit Groups

We recently released an exciting new update to the RentLinx interface for property managers! We have done away with the concept of "unit groups" and instead allow property managers much more flexibility when listing their unit or floor plan information.

Now, when a property manager lists or edits a unit, she chooses if the unit is a:

  1. Single Family Home:
  2. This type is to be used when the entire property rents under one lease, as with a single family home.

  3. Specific Unit:
  4. Property managers can choose to list each unit at their property individually.

  5. Type of Unit:
  6. This new option lets property managers list a type of unit. Additionally, managers can list how many of this type of unit exist, and how many they would like to advertise as available.

If you are familiar with the "unit group" interface, you may notice that your properties look a bit different when you login. Rest assured, that your property information has not changed. Renters will view your properties exactly as they did before. Now your admin interface more closely matches what prospective residents see.

Along with this change, RentLinx now offers the ability to add rent ranges for all units!


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