Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Keep Things Fresh

Outdated property listings? Yuck, we don't like them either. Renters hate finding out a property was leased six months ago, and managers hate getting calls about a listing for their one bedroom house that's happily rented or maybe even sold.
Recently we've started deactivating all listings for properties under 10 units total, with availability, that remain untouched for 90 days! If this applies to you, don't worry. We're still saving all your account's property information. Any listings with next to it can be put right back up by clicking "Mark as current" to the right of the updated date.
That "Mark as current" link is for up to date listings too! Click it to move your property to the top of the rental list and get noticed. Give us a call if you want more tips on how to boost your property's traffic and leads: 800.510.5469!


Blogger William Wagner said...

It's always important to update your property listings. I think it's not good for your business if you won't keep things fresh.

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2:52 AM  

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