Thursday, March 09, 2006

Generate More Leads By Adding Photos

I love data I have to admit it; I love data. I love it even more when data can be used to prove interesting and valuable lessons. Do renters really care about photos? I have always assumed that properties with attractive listings on RentLinx are more likely to catch the eye of a renter. Specifically, I thought properties with photos would be more likely to generate a lead than plain text listings. But do renters really care? Will they contact a property just because they saw a photo? Lots of data to back up the facts As of today, RentLinx powers apartment searches on 17 websites, advertising over 600 properties and over 35,000 units and has generated thousands of leads for those properties. The facts Digging through this rich data, I learned that for every one lead that is generated for a property with no photos, THREE leads are sent to a property with exactly one photo and FOUR leads are sent to properties with two or more photos! To summarize: No photos: 1 lead One photo: 3x more leads Two or more photos: 4x more leads The moral of the story The facts show that you will generate more leads and hence sign more leases just by adding photos to your RentLinx listings. The best part is that you can add unlimited photos to your RentLinx listings for free! p.s. Take your photos on a sunny day with blue skies, preferably in the summer. It will make your property look much more attractive. p.p.s. Renters (especially out-of-towners) love it when you post interior photos of your units!


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TIP: Add your exterior photos to the "Property" section of RentLinx, and your interior photos to the "Unit" section of RentLinx.

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