Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The RentLinx network generates over 100,000 web leads

RentLinx recently passed a milestone after generating our 100,000th web lead. A web lead is counted when a renter contacts a property manager through our website to inquire about a rental housing unit. This doesn't include the vast number of phone call, walk-in and word-of-mouth leads that have been generated as a result of advertising on the RentLinx network.

To mark the occasion, here are some interesting stats relating to web leads on RentLinx

First Lead: Sent to Post Realty on 10/7/2005 from their WebLinx-powered website, inquiring about 1337 Wilmot
100,000th Lead: Sent to Piper Management on 8/19/2008 from the PartnerLinx-powered MISmoke-Free Apartment website
Total number of leads as of today: 106,668
Unique properties that have received at least one lead: 15,866
Unique renters who have sent at least one lead: 49,054
Leads from least active month, October, 2005: 103
Leads from most active month, April, 2008: 8,915
Percent increase: 8,555%
Leads determined to be fraudulent by our investigations: 290
Fraudulent users blocked from future access to our site: 60
Percent fraudulent leads: 0.2%
Percent of renters who choose to CC their own e-mail address on their inquiry: 55.5%
Most popular property: CMB's Corner House Apartments


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