Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do I have to pay for every phone call?

No!  When you advertise with RentLinx Plus! you pay only for verified leads.

You never pay for:
  • Wrong number
  • Solicitor / vendor
  • Hangup that you can't get in contact with
  • Duplicate
  • Current resident
  • Email lead with only a name and email address
  • Renter inquires about a dog when the ad states 'No Dogs'. (Ditto for cats, breed restrictions, etc.).
  • Renter inquiring whether property accepts Section 8 and the answer is "No."
  • If the property is senior housing and the caller is not a senior.
  • If the renter is asking about a Unit Type that is clearly not offered (i.e. asking for a One Bedroom when only Two Bedrooms are advertised as available)
  • A lead for someone who you can never reach via phone or email (i.e. non-working phone number, bad email address, never answers their phone, doesn't reply to emails)
  • Any other non-renter contact
At RentLinx, we verify every Plus! email and every phone call so that you won't get charged for any of the situations listed above.  If we ever miss one, you can log into RentLinx.com and Request a Refund yourself - with one click.  It's easy and fast.  We want you to be happy!

With RentLinx Plus! you control your costs by setting a monthly cap. You pay nothing if you don't hear from renters, and you can start and stop your ads anytime!

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