Thursday, August 29, 2013

Webinar on 9/4: "Get Yours Wheels Turning!" Learn how to improve your online presence

Join Mike Whaling and the Webinar Wednesday Team on September 4th at 2pm Eastern Time 

For many renters, if you’re not visible online, you may as well not exist. Whether it’s through your website, email, social media channels or mobile, building a strong online presence and encouraging action is crucial in generating new leads and retaining current residents. But, time spent online must be time well spent, which means you need to understand how to measure the various communication channels. Not sure what’s working? Just let the data guide you.
Introducing audience members to the “hub-and-spoke” model of online marketing, this webinar will focus measuring the effectiveness of each property’s website – the “hub” of online communication. From there, attendees will learn how to assess the value of marketing “spokes,” including email marketing, social media, ratings and reviews sites, local listings, multimedia and advertising.
Date: Wednesday, September 4th
Time: 2:00 pm EDT
Cost: $29.99

Sponsored by RentLinx


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