Friday, November 01, 2013

NEW: Verify Your Address

What is a Verified Address?
None of us like seeing spam and junk on the Internet -- renters included.  In order to provide renters with a better online search experience, while providing property managers with better advertising, RentLinx is in the process of making sure every listing includes an actual street address.  Some of our partner websites will no longer accept listings without a valid address, so verifying your property addresses is well worth the effort.

How do I know if I have an unverified address?
    After you log into RentLinx, you may see a little yellow triangle next to one or more of your listings.  This symbol marks a property with an unverified address.

How do I verify an address?
To verify your listing address, watch this video:

  1. On the "Manage Properties" page, click on an address or property name.
  2. Click on 'Edit Address' and make sure "Street Address" shows the exact street number and street name.
  3. Click "Save" 
Wait! I don't want renters to see my street number! Don't worry.  You can still hide your street address from the public -- just select "Hide this address from the public".

My address is good but it won't verify! A small percent of properties with valid street addresses are getting an error message.  We apologize. There seems to be a problem with the address verification software, or the USPS database. We're working on it.  Don't worry, your property is being advertised on The RentLinx Network while we get this resolved. Questions?  Contact us at or 800-510-5469


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