Monday, June 02, 2014

New "Renter Alerts" Feature

New "Renter Alerts" Feature

How would you like a super easy way to notify interested renters that one of your units has become available? With the new RentLinx "Renter Alerts" Feature, we notify renters for you - automatically!

With the new "Renter Alerts", renters can set up their own email availability alerts for any of your currently leased-up units or floor plans. When your unit becomes available, RentLinx automatically sends an email to the interested renter!

When you log into RentLinx, you can see a list of the renters who have created availability alerts for your property.

The Renter Alerts List is totally private to you. Renters cannot see the other names on your Renter Alerts List. You can edit your Renter Alerts List, or you can totally ignore it. Either way, the interested renters will still receive availability notifications for your property.

Learn more here.



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