Monday, December 07, 2009

Listen to your phone leads!

Phone Call Recording

RentLinx Plus! now includes phone call recording, in addition to phone call tracking! Listen to all of your incoming phone calls from prospective renters when you login to your RentLinx account. It's a great way to retrieve lost information and to improve sales techniques!

Get 7x More Leads!

RentLinx Plus! has now been live for over 2 months and it's going great! Plus! properties have been receiving, on average, 7 times more leads than basic properties!

Upgrading to Plus! is free. You only pay when a new renter contacts you from one of your Plus! advertisements. The cost is only $10 per lead and you choose how much you pay by setting a monthly budget! You can refund invalid leads with one click.

If you have any available rentals, and haven't yet upgraded to Plus!, now is a great time. Just login and click the "Go Plus!" button. You can also give us a call at 800.510.5469 with any questions or to upgrade.

Login to RentLinx to update your properties or go Plus!


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