Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Safe" vs. "Risky" advertising

Today I talked with a property owner who happily paid her local newspaper $130 for a one-week classified ad which generated 4 phone calls. She just paid $32.50 for each of those calls! It occurred to me that paying a flat fee for advertising is gambling. You put your money down and roll the dice. How many times will your phone ring? Once? 4 times? 10 times? It's a risky business. Your money is gone. Maybe you'll get a lot of calls. Or, maybe you won't.
Want a safe bet? Upgrade to RentLinx Plus! and pay for phone calls, not advertisements. You get guaranteed results -- if the ads don't get your phone ringing they're free! You pay only $10 per lead (phone call or email), you set your own monthly cap (limit), and you can turn it off as soon as you lease your place.
How are you going to spend your ad dollars?


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