Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our gift back to the world

As we do each year, RentLinx has pledged to donate 2% of our gross revenue to great causes we feel passionate about. This holiday season our gift to you is a gift back to the world.
In 2011 our total donations increased by 40% over 2010 which was a 104% increase over 2009! The charities chosen by our employees this year are:
You can read more about our charitable giving program at

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all!
- From everyone at RentLinx


Anonymous Paul Van Leasing said...

Well done guys, Putting people before profit, i wish you all the best 2% to charity may not sound a big deal but the thought is what its about, and every penny will be welcome

Keep up the good work

8:25 AM  

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