Friday, January 06, 2012

We've got your back

What would happen if your voice message was wrong and you didn’t know it? What if caller after caller heard that incorrect message and hung up – and you didn’t know it?

Pretty scary, right? You’re trying to lease-up your property, callers are hanging up, and you don’t know why.

Well, RentLinx has you covered!

For example, I was just reviewing a phone lead for one of our RentLinx Plus! clients and I heard a renter hang up after he got a voice mail message which gave the name of two other communities, but not the community he was calling about. I marked the lead as ‘no charge’ and called the community. They didn’t know that their voice message was incorrect, and immediately corrected it.

We are working hard every day to maximize your time and advertising dollars. I really enjoy the parts of my job where I can go above and beyond to help a client.

- Amanda


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