Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Answers to Your 7 Most Common Questions

RentLinx prides itself on customer service, which often involves helping our users out with questions they run into while using the site. We took some of your top questions and decided to tackle them all in one convenient blog post. Let's get started!

  1. How often should I be updating my listing?
    We recommend logging in and clicking the "Mark as updated" link a couple times per week. Fresh ads get more visibility than older ones!

  2. How do I add a new unit to my existing property listing?
    From your Manage Properties page (the first one you see after logging in), click on your property address/community name. Just underneath the rent amount listed in your existing unit, you'll see a link that says "Add a New Unit". Click that to tack on another unit to your listing!

  3. How do I remove a property once it's leased?
    First, do a happy dance, because you've found a renter and that's awesome! Next, log into your account and click that green Active button. From the dropdown menu that appears, select "Mark as leased". This will stop the advertisement of your listing and save the information in your account in case you need to re-list the property with us in the future.

  4. Someone inquired about my property via email.  How do I reply to them?
    The email you receive from us will contain contact information that the prospective renter provided. You can call them if they left a phone number, or if you want to email them, just hit the reply button like you're responding to any other email. You can also click on their email address, and most email clients will open up a new message that's ready to be composed and sent to the renter.

  5. When it comes to Plus!, what's the difference between Plus! for Small Properties and Plus! for Communities?
    Plus! for Small Properties and Plus! for Communities differ only in pricing structure. Small Properties is ideal for properties that have 20 or fewer units, and is a flat fee of $50 for 30 days of Plus! advertising. Communities is for properties with 21 or more units, and these upgrades pay $10 per verified lead with a minimum of 5 leads. You can set your monthly maximum to whatever best fits your budget.

  6. Speaking of Plus!, what's up with that crazy phone number and extensions I see on my listings?
    This is your property's special tracking phone number.  It allows us to log and record each incoming call from prospective renters. Don't worry -- it will still ring to the phone line you've provided in your account settings! The extensions refer to the specific partner site the caller found your ad on. If there is no extension, the caller is prompted to dial 0 to be connected.

  7. You guys are the absolute best. Is there any way I can give you more money?
    Great question! We get this all the time. The answer is YES, you can give us more money! Non-sequential 10s and 20s work best.

    In all seriousness, do check out our full suite of products (including Plus! and WebLinx) to see if they're a fit for you.

We hope you've found this Q&A useful! If you have a question that wasn't answered here, be sure to check our help docs! As always, you can drop us a line at or phone us at 800-510-5469 (Monday thru Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific). We'll look forward to speaking to you!


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