Thursday, January 12, 2017

Questions about the new subscription plans

We're excited to announce that our new RentLinx subscription plans have launched today. We've been getting a ton of questions about the new service, so I wanted to address some of those here:

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Our pricing is posted here:

Q: Is the price per property or per management company?

It's per management company, but there is a cost breakdown available per property (see below). To figure out the cost for your company, take your total number of units under management and find the tier that covers you for "total units". The "Advertised units" number means you can have that many actively advertised/available/posted at a time.

For example, if your management company manages 400 units across ten different properties, then the "Business" plan would work great as it allows up to 500 units. On the business plan you can have up to 100 units advertised at a time.

Q: Is there a per-property price breakdown if my company signs up?

A: Yes. We do offer a price breakdown by property so you can easily allocate your one company invoice into a property specific expense.

Q: Do I have to commit to a full year?

No. There are no contracts or commitments, so you can change plans or deactivate your plan at no additional cost at any time. For example, if you have no availabilities during the winter, you could deactivate your plan and have no cost for those months. When you reactivate your subscription, all of your property data will be ready to go.

Q: Can I pay monthly instead of annually?

A: Yes. Make sure to look below the annual button for the "month to month" pricing link:

Q: What if I pay for a year in advance then cancel my subscription?

A: Whenever you cancel your subscription your account will stay active through the end of the term. For example if you cancel in the middle of your billing month, you'll be able to use your account through the end of the month. When you cancel an annual plan, you'll be able to use your account through the end of the year, and won't be billed after. If you plan on starting and stopping your plan just when you have vacancies, we recommend sticking to the monthly plan.

Q: I only have a couple units, do you have a cheaper plan?

A: Yes, make sure to look way at the bottom of our pricing page for the "Landlord" plan that is good for up to ten units (four advertised) at a time. You can also start and stop it so you're just paying when you have a vacancy.

Q: I have more than 1,000 units, can I use RentLinx?

A: Absolutely. Please contact us for volume pricing and we will be in touch shortly!


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