Thursday, January 14, 2010

RentLinx Plus! Invoicing Now Available

Invoicing Now Available!

You asked, and we answered! You can now upgrade to Plus! and pay via invoice!

Buy a bucket of leads and your property stays Plus! as long as you have leads left in your bucket. You can automatically fill your bucket when it's low. You also set your monthly cap, so you choose the maximum you will pay for one month! As always, there are no contracts and no commitments. You can cancel any time!

Get 9x More Leads!

With the addition of more premium partners like Facebook Marketplace (Powered by Oodle), Plus! properties are doing better than ever! On average, Plus! properties are receiving 9 times more leads than basic properties!

A Lead is a Lead

At RentLinx, we're passionate about ensuring that a lead means a lead. You don't need to worry about paying just because phone rings. When you upgrade to Plus!, you only pay when you hear from a unique renter inquiring about your property. We have several processes in place, including an administrator on our staff reviewing each lead, so that we can automatically refund most of the common refund scenarios, like these:

  • A renter calls back twice to ask about your property? Don't worry. Duplicates are never charged.
  • A renter calls then e-mails about two of your different properties? Don't worry. No charge for the duplicate.
  • Someone calls a wrong number? Don't worry. Wrong numbers will be automatically refunded.
  • A solicitor calls offering a service? Don't worry. No charge for non-leads.

If you ever do discover an invalid lead in your account that wasn't caught by our refund processes, you can refund that lead with the click of the mouse! Just click the "Review Leads" button on your RentLinx menu!

Time to Upgrade?

Upgrading to Plus! is free. You only pay when a new renter contacts you from one of your Plus! advertisements. The cost is only $10 per lead and you choose how much you pay by setting a monthly budget!

If you have any available rentals, and haven't yet upgraded to Plus!, now is a great time. Just login to and click the "Go Plus!" button. You can also give us a call at 800.510.5469 with any questions or to upgrade.

Login to RentLinx to update your properties or go Plus!



Blogger Unknown said...

Thank You for sharing these with the rest of us!!Invoice Templates

2:35 PM  
Blogger Amanda Gustafson Schneider said...

6/27/12 NOTE: The RentLinx invoicing process has been improved since I wrote this blog. Now, you get an invoice at the end of each 30-day billing period for the actual number of verified Plus! leads you received that period. (i.e. no more 'buckets'!)

2:59 PM  

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