Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hidden Plus! Feature: Multiple Lead E-mails

Did you know that with RentLinx plus!, you can have your e-mail leads sent to more than one address?

It's really simple to set up! Starting from your "Manage Properties" page, click on the name or address of the community you'd like to add another e-mail address to. Click the "Edit leasing office info" link, or "Add leasing office info." You'll see something like this:

Simply add on as many lead e-mails as you'd like, making sure each address is separated by a semi-colon and click "save." Easy!

Remember that you can see all the e-mail leads you've received through your RentLinx listings on our Review Leads page, even if you're only using basic.

To see all the other benefits you get from going plus!, check out our plus! vs basic table:


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