Friday, April 27, 2012

Anatomy of Your Properties List

Ever wonder what some of the numbers and links on your properties list mean? Follow along with this numbered image and you just might learn a trick or two!
  1. Each property has its own checkbox. Use the checkboxes in conjunction with the “go plus!” or “Remove Properties” button to modify your list.
    • TIP: Use the top check box in the dark blue row to select all the properties on the page!
  2. Here we have two columns. The left column beneath the check box shows the number of web leads your property has received via RentLinx powered listings. The right column beneath the eye shows you the number of views your property has received on RentLinx powered sites. Remember, these numbers are since your last counter reset! Check the bottom of your Manage Properties page to see when that was.
    • TIP: Try clicking either of these numbers for each of your properties!
  3. The Units column shows the total number of units at the property in black and the total number of available units in red parentheses. Look at your “Company Information” box below the “Remove Properties” button for more details.
  4. The Updated column tells you the last time that property’s listing was updated, or the last time “Mark as current” was clicked, whichever was most recent. This date is displayed to renters on and lets them know how fresh your listings are!
  5. The “Mark as current” link changes your Updated column to today’s date! Click this if your property is advertising availability and all the info currently listed is correct.
    • TIP: Think of it as nudging renters, telling them your property is still available. Sites like list properties based on their Updated date, so this is important!
Hope this helps! As always, contact us with any questions. Keep watching our news for more tips!


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I was trying to figure out what these meant, thanks for clearing it up here.

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