Friday, May 28, 2010

New Quality Standards for Plus! Leads

RentLinx – The Rental Housing Multi-List – announces a new set of quality standards for apartment advertising leads. Starting on June 1st, email leads that do not include a phone number or a specific comment/question will not be considered valid leads. This change is based on RentLinx Plus! client feedback categorizing email leads with only a name and an email address as generally being of poor quality.

Property managers have embraced the new RentLinx Plus! pay-per-lead advertising service since its launch on 9/15/09. RentLinx Plus! places advertisements on multiple real estate websites. Instead of paying by the month for online ads, property managers advertise for free and pay only for results: phone calls and emails from interested renters. If the ads don’t produce results, there is no charge.

Every RentLinx Plus! lead is reviewed for quality. Property managers are never charged for calls from current residents, salespeople or wrong numbers. Starting June 1st, there will be no charge for email leads that contain only a name and email address. At RentLinx ‘a lead is a lead’.

RentLinx listings receive over 36,000 monthly leads (emails and phone calls) from ads placed on 52 websites. Over 48,000 rentals (apartments, houses, duplexes, affordable and market-rate) are listed with RentLinx.

RentLinx – The Rental Housing Multi-List - is a privately owned real estate marketing company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more information visit


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