Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top 5 Benefits of Automatically Updating Your Account

Property managers, did you know that RentLinx offers you the ability to automatically update your RentLinx account? Your property information is pulled directly from your property management software or local database using our DataLinx service. You never have to manually update your RentLinx account and your ads always stay current!

DataLinx is now better than ever! Below is an exciting top 5 list of DataLinx features that you may not have known!

  1. No programmers required - DataLinx can now accept data files in virtually any format. As long as your local database or management software can produce a file with your property data, DataLinx can accept it and automatically update your RentLinx account. Our highly qualified developers will help you through the entire process, making it easy on you.
  2. Two ways to update - Once you have your data file, you can upload it through the RentLinx website to instantly update all of your properties. Better yet, if your file can be placed at a location on your website (like we will automatically read your file nightly and you will never even need to login to RentLinx. (But you still may want to in order to review your traffic and leads!)
  3. Eliminate Typos - You will save money and headaches by ensuring that your online ads contain only accurate, up-to-date information. You will never have to retype the same information into two different systems, eliminating the double-entry and human error.
  4. Stay at the top of the list - Many of our partner sites, including, sort all of the listings by the date they were last updated. DataLinx will automatically update your account nightly, keeping your ads at the top of the list!
  5. Save time - Manually entering and updating all of your property information can be a time consuming process. DataLinx will do all of the work for you! You won't even need to log in to RentLinx and your listings will be advertised on our partner sites throughout the Internet!

Please contact us if you have any questions, or visit our DataLinx page to see pricing and learn more!

Ready to go? Visit our buy now page to purchase DataLinx and begin automatically updating your RentLinx account!


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