Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Listing Tips (6 are Free!)

You are crazy busy, and you need to get your house, duplex or apartment rented ASAP. Here's how you can save time, and get your property rented faster:

1. Mark as Updated. Renters love fresh listings. Log in weekly to update your rent and availability. Or, click on "Mark as Updated" to refresh your ads.

2. Photos. Listings with photos get more leads. Include lots of exterior and interior photos. Is your photo sideways? Use our new Rotate feature to quickly fix your photo.

3. Rent Amount. List your rent or rent range. Renters won't call you, they will just move onto the next listing.

4. Review Leads. You can see copies of every email lead by selecting "Review Leads" from the Menu. If notice you've been missing leads, check your Spam Folder. With RentLinx Plus! you can listen to recordings of every phone call.

5. Choose Websites. RentLinx is the only syndicator that allows you to pick and choose websites! You can see every website your ads are on by selecting "Choose Websites".

6. Lost Your Password? Log in with your email address here

7. Want to Rent it Faster? You get a lot more leads with Plus!. Last month Plus! properties received an average of 16 leads, compared to 2 for Basic. Sign up for RentLinx Plus!:
  • Log into RentLinx, select a property and click 'Go Plus!'  
  • Email
  • Call (800) 510-5469  

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RentLinx in the news!

Everyone likes the sound of their own name, and we are no different.  RentLinx has been mentioned in 3 articles and blogs this week!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

600,000 People Came to Visit Us!

January was our biggest traffic month ever!  Over 600,000 people visited RentLinx and ShowMeTheRent during January 2014. Thank you everyone. We love 'seeing' you online!


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

No more sideways photos!

New Rotate Photo Feature on RentLinx!

Have you ever been frustrated by sideways or upside-down property photos?  Is so, you can now easily rotate your photos so they look perfect every time!

Here's how:
1. Log into

2. Select a property, locate your photo and click on the pencil (edit) icon.

3. Click on the left or right rotate button

4. Hit the Save button and you're done!

Every time you update your RentLinx listing, we update your ads on dozens of websites. Usually within the next 24 hours.

Questions?  Contact us:

  • 800-510-5469


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