Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RentLinx Feeds Google Base

RentLinx Apartments are now on Google Base We're proud to announce that all RentLinx members' properties will now be automatically submitted to the Google Base database each night. Housing and Rentals Properties in the RentLinx database will appear in the Rentals and Housing categories of Google Base. Properties with no availability are not submitted. Renters searching Google Base will be able to find all RentLinx member's properties and contact you directly from the links provided. View all RentLinx Google Base Listings Renters can find RentLinx properties through Google Base and...? Google Base is still in a Beta stage, so the extent to which the data submitted will be used by Google is still unclear. According to the Google Base website, "Google Base is a place where you can post all types of content and have it show up on Google." That seems vague to us too. Not So Fast Google Base only allows updates once per day, and those updates can take up to 24 hours to be published to their listings. Any updates to a RentLinx property may not appear on Google Base for up to 48 hours. Pushing the Boundaries RentLinx's integration with Google Base is another example of how RentLinx listings appear in many different venues and mediums, and takes us one step closer to becoming The Apartment Multi-List.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New partner arborweb.com is now live

Renters can now search Ann Arbor apartments at arborweb.com arborweb.com recently went live with their new RentLinx apartment search. All properties that are in the Ann Arbor postal area or are served by Ann Arbor Public Schools may list for free. Ann Arbor's home on the web arborweb.com is the website of the popular magazine, the Ann Arbor Observer. In addition to searching for an apartment, arborweb.com provides tons of other Ann Arbor information, such as events, restaurants, night life, etc. Breaking the barrier of Internet media For the first time, RentLinx listings will be available in a media other than the Internet. The Ann Arbor Observer's annual City Guide will print all Ann Arbor properties with at least 20 units. The list will be populated from the ArborWeb/RentLinx apartment listing, then edited by the Ann Arbor Observer's staff. Special thanks to John Hilton and Valerie Mates John Hilton is the Editor of the Ann Arbor Observer and he went above and beyond to make this project a success. I was incredibly impressed by his vision for a free exchange of information and his ability to give put so much time and effort into what must be only a tiny slice of his duties at the Observer. I don't know many "newspaper men" but I have to imagine that John is in a league of his own. Thank you John! Valerie is arborweb.com's webmaster who did a great job putting up with all the back-and-forth that occurred while we straightened out all of the details. Valerie is THE Unix Mama. Thank you Valerie!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New features: attachments and set location

We recently released two new exciting features available to all RentLinx users.
The first is the attachments feature. Now you can add attachments to any or all of your properties, such as your resident application or sample lease. Residents will be able to download your attachments from all websites where your properties appear.
The other new feature is the set property location feature. Sometimes our mapping system doesn't get your property location exactly right. Now when you login to RentLinx, you can set the exact location of your property on a map, simply by clicking it. Look for the "Set Property Location" link when you are viewing the details of your property.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

RentLinx Publishes News Feed

RentLinx is now publishing this news feed (don't call it a blog!) in order to keep our partners, clients and users up to date on RentLinx happenings. Here we will post information about upgrades to the RentLinx system, new RentLinx partners and clients and other news relating to the progress of the business. If you ever have any questions about RentLinx, are interested in a partnership or know of an organization who would benefit from adding an apartment search to their website, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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