Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let it go to voice mail. No big deal, right?

RentLinx studied over 30,000 phone calls from renters and uncovered some shocking statistics. Only 51% of calls were answered by a person, another 19% of the callers were greeted by an automated system that allowed them to navigate to a person. 30% of renters were not able to talk with someone – anyone – during business hours – while responding to a paid ad.

Overall, only 10% of incoming phone calls resulted in the caller agreeing to a property tour. Guess what improves the odds of getting the renter onsite?
1. Talking to the caller! Yep, just talking with the caller resulted in a tour appointment about 20% of the time.
2. Answer the phone! When a person answered the phone (instead of an automated response system), the odds of getting an agreement to tour the property increased to 24%.
3. Invite them to tour! Yes, just ask! Inviting the caller to come and view the property resulted in a 83% rate of onsite tours appointments! Ask, ask, ask!
The proof is in the numbers. It is a big deal if you let your calls go to voice mail because 83% of them wont leave you a message. And, most will never call back or email you either. The combination of answering the phone and inviting the caller to come in for a tour increases your odds of getting the renter onsite from 10% to 83%. Thats huge.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Share Your Properties on Facebook & Twitter

Introducing 'Post to Social Media' Sharing Buttons

We're excited to introduce the new 'Post to Social Media' sharing buttons. You can now share your available rental properties on social media with the click of a button. Just log in to your RentLinx account and you will see the new 'Post to Social Media' buttons in the same row as your property information. Click on 'facebook' or 'twitter' and you will be redirected to confirm your post!



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How pet friendly is each U.S. state?

According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, about 68% of American Households own a pet. This means that renters, (homes or apartments) will need to find pet friendly properties to settle down with their furry friends. Americans will spend $58.51 Billion (Source: APPA) on their pets in 2014. That is 5 times as much as Americans spend on movie tickets each year (Source: MPAA).

RentLinx analyzed data from over 300,000 properties to find the most pet friendly places to rent in. Here is a 'heat-map' style breakdown by U.S. state indicating the states' percentage of pet friendly rental properties. Just click on each state to see its respective percentage of pet friendliness.

Most of the Great Plains states have large percentages of pet friendliness. Conversely, many of the metropolitan and densely populated areas do not seem to be as pet friendly in terms of their available rental properties. For example, Montana comes in at 90% vs. New York with only 30% of rental properties advertised as pet friendly.

Here are the top 10 states with pet friendly rentals:

1. New Mexico (91%)
2. Montana (90%)
3. Louisiana (85%)
4. Oregon (83%)
5. Arizona (81.4%)
6. Washington (80.8%)
7. Indiana (79.1%)
8. Oklahoma (79%)
9. Missouri (77.1%)
10. Nevada (77%)

Breaking it down further, Texas has the highest concentration of cities with pet friendly rentals. 

#1 - San Marcos, TX
99% of rental properties allow either dogs, cats, or both

#2 - Round Rock, TX
98% of rental properties allow either dogs, cats, or both

#3 - Fort Worth, TX
93% of rental properties allow either dogs, cats, or both

Looking for your next pet friendly rental property? Search on ShowMeTheRent to find it now!


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