Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Things You Should Know Before Renting Your House

So, you've purchased an investment house or duplex, or you're thinking of renting out your own home. Either way, you should know these 3 things before advertising your property for rent:

1. Will you accept Section 8 Vouchers?  Section 8 Vouchers are also known as Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV). When you sign a lease with a renter who has a Section 8 Voucher, the government will pay part, or all, of the rent -- directly to you. In order to accept a Section 8 Voucher, your property must pass an inspection. In most States, the inspection will be conducted after you find a renter interested in your property. Section 8 is a Federal program administered by the States. Contact your local State Housing Finance Agency for more information.

2. How much will your monthly rent be? Start by researching the rent for comparable houses in your area. Go to one of these main rental websites, enter your property address and look for houses with the same number of bedrooms within a 2-5 mile radius:
3.  How will you advertise?  First takes lots of photos of the interior and exterior. Take your photos on a sunny day if possible. Sunshine and blue skies will make your photos pop. Set your camera to "Video" and walk through the house. Upload your video to YouTube and save the link. Now that you know your asking rent, and you have your photos ready, you are ready to post your ads. Most renters search online so you definitely want to post to craigslist and as many other rental websites as you can. You can create a free account at RentLinx and we'll post your ads to dozens of websites for you. It's easy. Just go to, input your property address, your email address and click on "List for Free".

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