Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing RentLinx for Brokers and Locators!

I'm proud and excited to announce the launch of our first new product in nearly two years! The product is RentLinx for Brokers and Locators!

A Note to Property Managers and Owners

If you or your organization owns or manages all of the properties you list, this product won't affect you at all. You can continue to use our free basic service or awesome Plus! service just as before. We're continuing to work tirelessly to be the best rental advertising platform on the Internet and drive more great leads to you every day.

What's Changing

If your organization helps renters find properties, but doesn't manage those properties after the renter has moved in, then these changes apply to you. (Generally affected organizations are brokers, locators, realtors and agents, that we refer to as "brokers and locators"). The important changes coming your way are:

  • The free service for brokers and locators is being discontinued effective February, 28, 2015. This change will help prevent over posting of duplicate properties and pave the way for a much better experience for brokers and locators without the constant struggle to fight over which properties appear.
  • Only a single RentLinx account will be allowed per organization. If your organization has multiple agents who manually post the same listings, your accounts will need to be combined to a single account to prevent duplicate postings. [Note from Jeremy: after some reflection and research we have discontinued this rule, so multiple agents or brokers within an organization can have separate RentLinx accounts]
  • You can advertise way more listings. Our previous cap was set at 100 listings, but you can now list up to 1,000 active listings with our platinum service.
  • Sending a feed is included. Both the gold and platinum services include an automated data feed to eliminate all manual entry and ensure your listings always stay up to date. 
  • Phone tracking is included. Your ads will now automatically include a tracking/forwarding number that routes directly to the phone number of your choice. This enables you to track and listen to recorded copies of all of your incoming phone leads directly in your RentLinx account.
  • Featured listings. You can now choose to feature 1, 3 or 10 listings at the top of the list on Show Me The Rent included with your silver, gold or platinum service.
  • Customized website integration: The gold and platinum services include our powerful website integration tool that lets renters search and browse all of your properties directly on your website without any additional updates.
  • Free 30 day trial: Every version comes with a free 30 day trial, so you can test it out and see how many great leads you'll receive before you are charged.

The Pricing

View the Brokers & Locators pricing page on our website

Sign up now!

Some Background

RentLinx is growing like crazy, with more property managers listing properties and getting tons of great leads every day. It's working great for our original audience: property managers and owners who are advertising rental properties that they own or manage. However, in the last couple of years RentLinx has become very popular with a new audience: brokers, locators, realtors and agents. Our existing line of products hasn't been a good match for these organizations as per-property or per-lead pricing don't work well with their business model and they prefer sending data feeds to manually entering listings. Additionally, the free service has become so popular that the same properties, often listed by the same organization, get reposted dozens of times making the experience terrible for renters and frustrating for brokers and locators trying to maintain a consistent online presence.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Get More Leads with Your RentLinx Renter Portal

Did you know that all RentLinx accounts include their own custom Renter Portal?

Your Renter Portal in an interactive link that lists all of your available properties, photos, rent and availability. It's a great way to drive more traffic to your properties.

You can find your Renter Portal by logging into RentLinx and locating it at the top right corner of your 'Manage Properties' page:

Share your Renter Portal link and get more leads! Some ideas for sharing your Renter Portal are:
  •     Text it to renters
  •     Post it on Facebook and Twitter
  •     Include it in your email signature
  •     Print it on your business cards
  •     List it on your company website

Every time you update your RentLinx account, we automatically and immediately update your Renter Portal! All of your property listings, photos and rents are listed - for free!

Your custom Renter Portal looks something like this:

Questions? Email us at Support@RentLinx.com


Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Best RentLinx Listing Tips

The 10 Best RentLinx Listing Tips are based on a study of tens of thousands of RentLinx phone and email leads. The leads studied are for over 200,000 listings from all over the USA, and for all rental property types from houses to large multi-family communities. All of the leads were generated from the 156 websites in The RentLinx Network.

1. Keep your rent and availability accurate. 

2.  Add lots of photos - inside and out.

3. Tell renters what makes your property special.

4.  Include attachments and links to your application, pet policy, video tours, etc.

5. List your amenities.

6.  State your Pet Policy.

7.  Show your rent (or rent range).

8.  Answer your phone.

9. Post your custom RentLinx brochure.

10.  Upgrade to RentLinx Plus!

See more details and stats for the 10 Best RentLinx Listing Tips 


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