Thursday, July 25, 2013

Your RentLinx ads are now on even more websites!

The RentLinx Network just got even bigger with the addition of these fantastic new partners!

  • Apartment Finder (Plus! only)
  • MyNewPlace (Plus! only)
  • RoomHunt (Plus! and basic)
  • Mitula (Plus! and basic)
  • MapLive (Plus! and basic)
Only Plus! properties are advertised on Apartment Finder and MyNewPlace (and a bunch of others), so upgrade to Plus! now to get more exposure and more leads!

New to RentLinx?  List your rentals now.  It's easy:
  1. Go to and click on the big green button 
  2. Choose RentLinx Basic (free) or RentLinx Plus!
  3. Register yourself and list your property
  4. We'll send your ads out to the websites in The RentLinx Network


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do you list your Pet Policy in your ads? It matters - a lot!

Do you list your Pet Policy in your online ads? If not, you're missing out on valuable traffic and leads!

RentLinx completed a study of 87,000 leads and uncovered  a startling fact:   Renters prefer ads that state a Pet Policy - 5 times to 1! Ads with a stated Pet Policy get FIVE times as many leads as ads without any mention of a Pet Policy.  So, include your Pet Policy in your ads -- even if it's 'No Pets Allowed'.  Inquiring renters want to know!


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