Monday, August 28, 2006

New Feature: Manage Users

Keep your users in line! We have just released a new feature for all RentLinx users. When you are logged into your RentLinx account, you can now click "Company Users" on the left hand side. But what does it do? This page will let you review all users who have access to your company's account. From this page you can add and remove users. You can also mark users as administrators or give users access to only certain properties in your account. And what is it good for? With the "Company Users" feature, you can see which users have access to your account, and what level of access. You can also see how often each of them logs in and when they last logged in!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome Republic Management!

Welcome Republic Management Corporation Republic Management has recently super-charged their website by adding a RentLinx powered apartment search. Renters can now visit the Republic Management website to search for an available apartment, view photos, maps, amenities and more. Getting to Know Republic Republic Management Corporation is a real estate management company managing subsidized projects since 1996. Republic Management has grown from four properties to nineteen properties in less than seven years, including the turn-around of six of the properties previously managed by others. All properties are maintained at the highest occupancy levels in the history of the developments. All properties are constantly reviewed for ways to increase efficiency and maintain the highest physical appearances and maintenance integrity possible.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Partner: Property Management Association of Mid-Michigan

Welcome Property Management Association of Mid-Michigan Renters can now search apartments that are members of PMAMM on their website at PMAMM is off to a great start with 42 properties representing over 6,000 units listed in the greater Lansing and Mid-Michigan area. It's a Michigan Sweep PMAMM represents the fifth of five National Apartment Association (NAA) affiliates in Michigan to add a RentLinx powered apartment search to their website. The first four (in the order they joined) are: Michigan NAA affiliates now have now listed 685 properties representing over 53,000 units in Michigan!

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